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Web Access Features

Destiny incorporates a web server-based solution that eliminates the need for Citrix MetaFrame or Windows Terminal Services. It is optimized for reliable, secure, and scalable application delivery of any Integra product to virtually any network-attached device, regardless of platform or operating system.

Network, remote dial-up, and remote Web accessibility

You can gain access to Destiny servers via the network, remote dial-up, or through Web access.

Cross-platform compatibility

You have access to any Destiny application from virtually any client platform. Your applications can be run from desktop computers such as Macintosh, UNIX, Windows, and Linux—allowing users to work in their preferred computing environments. Integra applications deployed through Destiny look, feel, and function as if they were running on a Windows operating system, regardless of the client platform.

Client printing

Destiny provides transparent access to client-side printers and produces printed output with no quality degradation. In most cases, Destiny will determine the list of printers installed on the client computer, and the printer driver and port of each client printer. If a printer driver is not installed on the server, Destiny will attempt to automatically install the driver. If a driver cannot be automatically installed, users can configure printer drivers using the Program Window's Client Printer Wizard.

Client file access

Destiny supports seamless integration of your client drives, including floppy, CD-ROM, hard disk, and mapped network drive. This allows you to access files stored on the client computer and to save files locally.

Pass-through authentication

With pass-through authentication enabled, you are logged on to the Destiny Server without having to supply their user name and password. When you connect to a Destiny Server, the Program Window launches without presenting the user with the Logon dialog, if you so desire.

Server monitoring

Destiny provides real-time monitoring of individual Destiny Servers, control of individual clients and processes, and logout and shutdown for individual users.

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