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"Destiny's web functionality has been central to our online approach with lenders. We have over 400 lenders who can log on to get reservations and request funding online, track funds, check status and do basically anything to monitor any key point in the loan process. They love it, and most say that it's one of the best systems they work with."
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Jennifer Redden, System Development Specialist, Kentucky Housing Corporation


INTEGRA Partners

Even the very best loan origination systems depend on interfaces to a wide range of 3rd party partners in order to seamlessly transfer data electronically—and ensure that automation, speed, and accuracy are all maximized while loans are in your pipeline. Integra’s Destiny is no exception.

While no LOS vendor has an interface to every potential partner, Integra is committed to developing interfaces that incorporate MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization) and the standards they have adopted which leverage off of XML (Extensible Markup Language). The following list of interface partners will continue to be updated on a regular basis:


Automated Underwriting


Credit Bureaus


Document/Forms Vendors

Document Delivery

Document Imaging

Electronic Registration

Fraud Detection


Funds Request



Investor Loan Delivery

Warehouse Institutions


Vendor Portals

Customer Portals

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